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Ezrose Inc. Is a US corporation that created “EZROSE.COM”, a B2B program, E-commerce platform where accredited businesses can purchase goods directly from the farms. The platform will only display AAA premium products.

Ezrose Inc. has offices in Ecuador South America, providing quality control with the farms in the B2B program. The farms that have being qualified to enter the B2B PROGRAM are very technological in the way they grow their products minimizing nature impact. This farms work with organic products that protect the environment. This method are more efficient in the long run.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Directly from the farm to your door

Addres in Ecuador

Ezrose Miravalle:
Av. Eugenio Espejo - Quito 170157  
C.C. Plaza del Rancho
Telf: (+1) 310 230-5140
e-mail: info@ezrose.com
Ezrose Quito:
Av. República E7-123 y Diego de Almagro, Quito 170517
Edf. Pucará 12th floor
Telf: (+1) 310 230-5140
e-mail: info@ezrose.com
Ezrose USA:
7951. NW 68 st Miami. Fl. 33166
Telf: (+1) 310 230-5140
e-mail: info@ezrose.com
The farms in the B2B program fully guarantee their product, if you have any problems with their product just give us a call and we will resolve the issue.
Category of the product: AAA / premium( The pick is done by a laser machine that clasify the products that will go on the platform stock)
B2B platform bulk purchaseShipment of high quality fresh cut farm roses, delivered to your door.Help with Cargo Companies for large orders.Note: There are many cargo companies you can choose from, you can also let us know wich Cargo Company you would like to use.Contact us at 1(310) 230-5240 / email: info@ezrose.com


Ezrose.inc ensures that all your products are of AAA quality, but if you receive some in poor condition we make special credits, after sending the damage of the package through photos and review of our staff.

For refunds please follow this steps:

1.- Send clear photos of roses, the box, and the wrapper with the bar code

2- The claim must be made within 24 hours after delivery of the package.

ezrose offices